About Ken 'Ya Run

The Ken 'Ya Run is a charity event produced by Kenya Connection Kids, Inc. All proceeds from this race will be put towards the operation of a Technical School in Chuka, Kenya. The school provides the youth of Kenya who are not eligible to attend the University training in carpentry, welding, electrical, catering, seamstress and other trades with the goal of improving the economic situation of Kenya through education.

The funds raised from this event will be used for operating capital for the starting of school.

The Compound

Artist's rendition of Techncial School

Being built on approximately one acre of land just to the west of the Children's Homes, the Technical School is on its way to reality. Above is an artist's rendition of the compound. As you can see it is an ambitious project for KCK.

In 2008-2009 KCK reached out in Faith and God answered our prayers with the property that was bought to house the Technical School meet future needs of the KCK programs.

Layout of Techncial School

The final compound is designed to have the following features:

  • Administrative Offices for the director and his staff.
  • Class and Conference Rooms
  • A Workshop building to initially house three 26 foot by 40 foot workshops. It is designed to have a second floor added in the future.
  • The Men's and Women's Exit Houses
  • Three additional two story Children's Homes

The priority for KCK is the school and this is the driver for this event. the Exit Houses and the Children's Homes will come later.

The Workshops

In 2013 KCK and the Board of Directors reached out in again in Faith and dug the foundation, dedicating it to God's continuing work through the raising up and training of Orphans.

Since that time KCK has seen God act by providing, in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, donated Industrial strength shop tools for us to ship in donated containers. In addition, donations from local Kenyan individuals, additional USA individuals, as well as some Government agencies have continued to come in.

The proceeds from the 2016 Run allowed to us to do electrical installation of the workshops together with construction of three offices inside the workshops for instructors and to act as storage facility of smaller tools.

It is with great joy to inform you that the electrical installation in the workshop is now complete. The carpentry technician who was constructing the offices had the opportunity to use our electric power tools for the first time. Alex took time to show him how to use the saws. Thanks to the training carried out by Steve Hamilton and Dickson Lester in 2013. Alex and Dennis were some of their students and it appears they were good students.

ceiling inside one of the rooms
Instructors room inside each workshop
View of the Technical, Classes and office from the far below end

Administrative Offices

In 2016 work started on the offices for the school. Like the workshops, construction began with a prayer. Donations have again made it possible to proceed and good progress has been made. The offices are complete.

Outside right side view

Office porch
Side view of office

More is needed to complete these offices and get them furnished.

Class and Conference Rooms

In 2017, the class and conference rooms were completed. As you can imagine this is a critical aspect of a learning environment. These rooms will be used for instruction in the various topics ranging from business administration and book keeping to mathematics and other subjects needed for a diploma.

Catering Class

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  • Children’s Homes for Orphans
  • Funding Education for Children
  • Mediation of Tribal Disputes

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